5 Secrets From Women Who Look Way Younger Than They Are

Yes, many women can thank their genes for that youthful glow (and there’s Harvard data to prove it). But gliding into your 40s, 50s, and even 60s with smooth, dewy, seemingly ageless skin is not quite that simple—and not quite that hopeless for those of us who aren’t genetically blessed. There are certain lifestyle hacks and habits that can help halt the clock, ranging from the expected—eat your fruits and veggies and drink loads of water—to somewhat more unusual tricks. (Did you know you can rejuvenate your skin by getting your hormones in check? Try Prevention’s The Hormone Fix.) Here’s the proof: the following five women, who’ve revealed their secrets, plus the photographic evidence.

They grease themselves up.

“I smear Vaseline all over my face at night—my cheeks, eyelids, under my eyes, my neck, everywhere. It locks in moisture and keeps my face looking smooth and supple. I know I should be using an expensive over-the-counter or prescription retinol product, but they make my eyes itchy. I’ve always wondered about those reports claiming Vaseline is actually toxic, but as a physician, I figure if it hasn’t killed me yet, and I’ve been doing it for over 20 years, it probably won’t. I also sleep with the windows open at night, even when it’s extremely hot or extremely cold. I think it’s good to get some fresh air on my skin while I sleep.”
–Carey August, MD, 59

They exfoliate like crazy.

“I use a nail brush—yeah, I know, brutal, but my loofah just wasn’t doing the trick—to scrub my entire body every day. I’ve been doing this since my early 30s after having kids. Since my skin was so loose, stretched, and dry, I thought exfoliating would be a good way to refresh the skin, get some blood flowing, and maybe, possibly, hide some cellulite. And it totally works. As a bonus, when I apply self-tanning moisturizer, it goes on really evenly.”
–Renata Bregstone, 43

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